Now in its third year, MISCON, the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) sustainability conference, will be held on Tuesday, September 18th 2018. The event, which was held in downtown Detroit last year, moves to the Lansing Center to make it accessible to more people from across the state.

This year’s event includes tracks on “communications, technical, and research and innovation topics”. The MDEQ is promoting the event as a means “to develop and strengthen the in-house sustainability tools and communication strategies needed to engage your community and stakeholders.” Presentations promise to help attendees “achieve cost savings and improve your brand image.”

Sustainability can mean many things to many people. MISCON promises to take-on the topic from a broad perspective. With as much good as there is associated with the term sustainability, it all too often is abused and applied in ways that confuse. In some cases, sustainability is simply a buzzword used to communicate a sense of wellbeing, rather than authentic value, backed by initiatives that lower environmental impact and add to social capital.

The MDEQ MISCON promises to add to your understanding of sustainability and help you communicate an authentic sense of what it means to be sustainable. If you’re interested in learning more about the event, please click here to access the MDEQ website.