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DTE’s sustainability practices are best captured in the Corporate Citizenship Report and the words of Gerry Anderson,
Chairman and CEO, DTE Energy:
“In the past year, substantial strides have been made in mapping out a new direction for our country’s energy generation to limit greenhouse gas emissions and move to cleaner, greener technologies. We at DTE Energy played a significant role in developing the federal clean energy rule, known as the Clean Power Plan. This rule would yield significant environmental progress and, I believe, does that in a way that is workable for our industry and its customers. It’s a great change for our nation and will allow us to continue providing clean, safe, reliable and affordable energy.

Despite the debate about the new rule in the federal courts, we at DTE are moving forward with fundamentally modernizing the way we
generate electricity. Our Aspiration to be the best-operated energy company in North America and a force for growth and prosperity in the
communities where we live and serve will be our guide as we invest in this transformation, and we will work to build a better future for Michigan and the communities in which we operate across the country. On our journey toward our Aspiration, we accomplished a significant amount of work in 2015, all of which was the product of the energy our employees bring to work each day. In the past year, we spent a lot of time framing our strategy around what it means to be “a force for growth and prosperity in our communities.”

As a result, we are implementing a much more robust employee volunteerism initiative, with the intention of creating a best-in-class program to engage more employees in more impactful opportunities, such as skill-based volunteerism. We also are continuing to strengthen our charitable contributions. The DTE Energy Foundation, our philanthropic arm, donated $15 million in 2015, a 25 percent increase over 2014. This is an exciting time for our business and our employees, and I am proud to lead them.”

OHM Advisors is more than an architecture, engineering, and planning firm—we are a community advancement firm. We’ve been Advancing Communities since 1962 by keeping our singular, forward-thinking focus on putting people first. Our unique mindset drives our thinking from conception to completion and yields ideas that aren’t just different. They’re better. For example, our Integrated Sustainability Solutions Practice which seeks to design communities as ecosystems. Because human communities replicate natural ecosystems when they optimize efficiency in utilities, infrastructure and buildings by establishing integrated and interdependent operations. Share your sustainable design vision with us, and together, we will create great places for people.

US Ecology offers premier environmental, field and industrial services. Through our nationwide network of TSDFs, extensive fleet of equipment, and highly trained professionals, we provide unequaled service to customers from start to finish. US Ecology’s turnkey solutions are the answer to your environmental needs.

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