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We are pleased to announce that our event:”Food for Talk: A Conversation About What we Eat”,  RecoveryPark was a huge success. Despite the difficulty in locating our meeting place, not only did ticket purchasers manage to find it, but there were a number of unexpected walk-ins. We thank RecoveryPark for hosting us, Fresh Corner Café for providing our lunch, Nifty Hoops their sponsorship, and all attendees for their participation.

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The discussions that took place were lively, thoughtful, and rewarding. Not only were new acquaintances made, but we learned that, despite the many challenges facing growers, producers, restaurants, etc., there are a lot of positive steps being taken to promote urban agriculture and the local food movement in Southeast Michigan.

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It is clear that we all must continue to do what we can to affect positive change among bureaucrats and elected officials to make land available for urban agriculture, as well as continuing our efforts to rally public support for local food initiatives.

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The best way to assure that SMSBF continues to explore issues associated with urban agriculture and food production in southeast Michigan is to join our organization. Click “Join” in the Navigation menu of our website for membership options.

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