Not too long ago, we met with Nina Misuraca Ignaczak, publisher and editor of Planet Detroit, and talked about her passion for the environment, community and everything else having to do with sustainability. 

After studying at the University of Michigan – Nina has a Master of Science in Natural Resource Ecology and a Bachelor of Science in Biology – Nina worked in urban planning within the local government and non-profit space. After a time, she recognized her love for writing and eventually decided to throw her energy into journalism; she hasn’t look back.

We live in unprecedented times. The looming existential crisis of human history – climate change – along with the rest of the damage caused by industrialized consumption, growth and waste will have lasting impact on our community. There is no way to predict how what we have done will affect the future. Nina deeply understands this, and her desire is to keep the rest of us up-to-date with what’s happening to the environment in our community and across the state.

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