The Southeast Michigan Sustainable Business Forum is a non-profit, 501 c 3 organization. 


Forums are places where ideas and views are exchanged and discussed. SMSBF exists as a forum where the most important topic of our time — sustainability — is opened-up and stakeholders discover what it takes to run sustainable businesses. We fulfill our purpose by:

  • Organizing engagements that bring regional stakeholders together to present, discuss and exchange ideas having to do with sustainable business principles and practice.
  • Creating a platform for sustainable business professionals, entrepreneurs, government representatives and other stakeholders to exchange experiences having to do with the practice of sustainable business.
  • Providing a regional forum for sustainable business stakeholders to connect and build relationships.
  • Developing unique resources, such as case studies, records of engagements and related materials that stakeholders can use to learn about sustainable business practices.

Vision Statement

To be the organization in Southeast Michigan to whom business leaders, managers, associates and entrepreneurs turn to connect, discover and learn about sustainable business practices.

Value Creation

SMSBF creates value through its network of stakeholders and by leveraging the connections we make, the things we discover and the knowledge we gain; we develop relationships; organize symposia and other forum engagements and related activities. Our work entails getting to know the regional entities who are pursuing sustainable business practices, which leads to a unique understanding of how this is manifest within the region.

SMSBF seeks a diverse spectrum of viewpoints on the ways in which sustainable business ought to be practiced; we organize symposia and discussion forums around these viewpoints. All of what we do means SMSBF is a unique resource for understanding the ways in which sustainable business is practiced in Southeast Michigan.

Essential Job Functions 

The P/ ED exists to administer the activities necessary to fulfill the mission of the SMSBF. The position serves to assess stakeholder requirements; to be a source of feedback and information to the board and to implement the board of director’s vision and strategic plan for the SMSBF.

  • Event program development, including assisting and supporting the crafting of themes and agendas; identifying, contacting and contracting with presenters; coordinating and contracting venue and catering suppliers and the coordination of activity during the event.
  • Curating and developing content for weblogs, newsletters and other forms of promotional communication; producing articles and other content for the purpose of educating stakeholders and promoting the organization.
  • Leading the development and administration of a yearly event activities and membership and revenue growth plan; this includes the identification and development of new value propositions and revenue streams.
  • Developing relationships and networking with stakeholder representatives, including key contacts at national and local funders, non-profits and for profit businesses and media outlets, all of whom operate within Southeast Michigan (SM).
  • Developing and administering an annual grant writing and application program.
  • Administering board of director and other special meetings necessary to run the organization

Additional Job Functions 

  • Attending events hosted by other community stakeholder organizations
  • Administering contractual work with suppliers and other business partners
  • Assisting in the administration of the organization’s financial and legal documents
  • Leading the development of policies, procedures and processes

What are the key challenges of the position? 

  1. The organization’s primary value proposition, and the principle means by which it fulfills its mission, is conducting events that promote sustainable business practices in Southeast MI. The primary key challenge is developing event programs and the administration of events to a standard (i.e., within the constraints of time, quality and cost) as approved by the Board of Directors and according to the organizations policies and procedures.
  2. Another key challenge is seeking the means by which the organization will remain viable. This includes meeting targets for engagement and brand awareness, aligning mission objectives with funding sources, gaining grant awards, and identifying and developing programs that will serve as new sources of revenue.
  3. Finally, ensuring the organization engages audiences and stakeholders that are passionate about advancing triple bottom line business in Southeast MI for roles as Board Members and as volunteers, is another key challenge.

Job Factors, Working Conditions, and Job Environment 

Job Factors

  • Know How: Requires strong administrative and leadership skills; organization and time management skills; the ability to interact with a wide range of persons and backgrounds.
  • Problem Solving: Problems encountered are complex and multifaceted; the role requires the ability to breakdown problems into manageable portions and administer their resolution
  • Accountability: Acts as the Executive Director includes: administering all orders and resolutions of the Board of Directors, reporting to the Board of Directors on matters which may be pertinent to the interests of the organization, under direction of the Board of Directors execute and deliver documents and take all steps necessary or desirable steps in order to make effective the actions and policies of the Board of Directors.

Degree of physical demands usually associated with this position

  • Light physical demands.

Environmental conditions usually associated with this position 

  • Typical office conditions.

Minimum requirements 

  • Education: High school diploma or equivalent.
  • Experience:  Depending on education, minimum of ten to fifteen years of professional experience, with a minimum of five being in a front line supervision role.
  • Certifications:  None
  • Knowledge: Intermediate capabilities with Microsoft Office suite of products; ability to work with website building software (e.g., WordPress etc.).
  • Skills and Abilities:  Ability to navigate the grant writing process and to produce grant proposals; to manage projects and event planning; to understand and build budgets; to communicate effectively in speech and written word; to assemble and articulate cogent messages.
  • Licensure/Other: Valid driver’s license

Preferred Qualifications 

  • Education: BS, BA, MA, MS in business, physical sciences, humanities, arts etc.
  • Experience: Non-profit boards and, or executive director roles.
  • Certifications: Certified Non-Profit Professional (CNP).
  • Knowledge: Local funders and corporate influencers
  • Skills and Abilities: Public administration.

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