Have you ever wondered what happens when good food, good talks, and good company come together? Our April 16th quarterly member-guest meeting is the answer.

The meeting began with self-introductions and a few introductory comments from members of our board. Then, our host, Mario Romero, Executive Vice President of US Ecology, gave an overview of the work they’re doing to advance sustainability by ensuring environmental health and safety.

US Ecology “addresses the complex waste management needs of its customers, offering treatment, disposal and recycling of hazardous and radioactive waste, as well as   a wide range of complementary field and industrial services.” Mario’s talk illuminated US Ecology’s unique value proposition: the safe and healthy management of hazardous and radioactive wastes. Mario and his team also did a great job with the hospitality: the Grand View meeting room was top notch, as were the food and beverage offerings. We are exceedingly grateful to the team at US Ecology!

David Cherry, our keynote speaker, followed Mario’s talk. David is with Detroit City Connect, which “…is a nonprofit agency that helps Detroit-area nonprofits and governments work together to solve local problems, and to mobilize funding in support of their work.” David is a nonprofit planning and development expert who has, throughout his career, secured grant awards of more than 200 million dollars; his talk was titled, “Funding Sustainable Organizations in the 21st Century”.

David gave attendees numerous insights, including the ways in which the lines between for-profits and non-profits are becoming blurred in this age. He also talked about the various options available to social entrepreneurs for securing funding and how there are numerous tools emerging to help formulate funding strategies.

Of course, there was plenty of time for dialogue and networking, which is a cornerstone of SMSBF: connection. There were plenty of questions and spirited conversations. The meeting ended on-time, but the networking continued well after the conclusion of the last formal presentation. We’re certain the seeds for new sustainable business opportunities were planted after the meeting, which is exactly what we intend to do with every one of our events.

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