A good foundation is essential to any building. No edifice will stand long without a solid foundation. The same is true of a business: Without a solid foundation in principles, ethics and culture, a business will not last very long.

Now, more than ever, there’s an urgency to build businesses on the solid foundation of triple bottom line principles. We need a sustainable, triple bottom line marketplace. Just about everywhere we turn, we see businesses built on the single bottom line of profit beginning to show signs of stress. The neo-liberal notion that businesses exist to simply “maximize shareholder value” is crumbling at its core. This is why, at SMSBF, we believe so fervently in our mission of promoting sustainable, triple bottom line business in Detroit and SE Michigan.

The SMSBF was blessed late last year to have received a grant from the Erb Family Foundation. It’s a general operating grant and it provides some much needed energy. The grant is enabling SMSBF to take steps toward improving its systems, developing infrastructure and engaging the skills and talents necessary to effectively promote the concept of triple bottom line business.

As a direct result of the grant, the SMSBF is pleased to announce two significant additions to its organization: One is its partnership with Coeus Creative Group (CCG) and the other is the contracting of Mike Shesterkin as its Executive Director.

The CCG is now fully engaged in its support of promoting SMSBF events and the development of the organization’s online content. In his role as Executive Director, Shesterkin works directly with the CCG to promote events, develop additional content and administer the organization’s day to day activities. SMSBF’s primary value proposition is to bring people together for face to face engagements on the most important topic of our day: achieving a sustainable existence through triple bottom line business. CCG, Mike Shesterkin and every member of the SMSBF Board of Directors are working tirelessly to build a solid foundation and bring about the triple bottom line transformation – one person and one business at a time!

We’ll have more on these exciting developments in the coming weeks and months. For now, be sure to check out our Events page and register to attend “The Triple Bottom Line Forum: Business for the 21st Century”.