Change is Natural

For more than twenty years, SMSBF has worked to bring sustainable business thought leadership to Detroit and SE Michigan. And over the years, things have changed. At SMSBF, we’re sensing it’s time for change, too. 

Local Power

What role do you think local electeds should take to support the clean energy transition?

Merger Fever Breaking

It's about time the federal government stepped-in and did something about monopoly power.

Dark Stores

Michigan's local communities need good roads, public schools, and police and fire departments.

News From The Forum

Preemption is Un-American

Preemption is Un-American

What is American is cultural, and culture is a shared thing; it’s not something that divides us. Businesses ...
Going Alone?

Going Alone?

In business, and no matter what we do, we need others. Entrepreneurs and small business leaders seem to ...
Key Performance Indicators and Sustainable Business

Key Performance Indicators and Sustainable Business

In business, success is something that must be measured. Running a small business is not – by a ...
Small Business Needs Proposal 2

Small Business Needs Proposal 2

Let’s protect Michigan’s democracy and free markets. Free markets, which can be thought of as the systems within ...
A Page Out of Nature's Book

A Page Out of Nature’s Book

Nature can teach us a lot about economies. When we go to the store, we often don’t think ...

Connect - Discover - Learn

SMSBF is a channel to connect with community stakeholders, discover sustainable business practices, and learn from each other in Detroit and Southeast Michigan. We believe a grassroots movement of local businesses and community leaders, working in partnership, will lead to the changes we so desperately need.


SMSBF operates under the philosophy that small, local businesses can be most effective by working together to transform our community for the better.


SMSBF envisions a local, resilient, and democratically led triple bottom line business community and economy in Detroit and SE Michigan.


To deliver content that local businesses and community stakeholders can use to implement practices leading to a diverse, resilient, and just economy.

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