In difficult times, try giving thanks. Have you ever found yourself struggling to understand why folks say, “Be thankful for your blessings” when you’re in the midst of a difficult time? This sort of advice can feel like nothing more than a hollow platitude, some abstract philosophical notion uttered by those who’ve never suffered loss …

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Where Have You Been?

Where Have You Been?

Sometimes the fluff needs to be backed-up. It’s been more than one year since George Floyd’s murder, at the hands of a police officer, ignited a torrent of righteous social unrest. The brave souls who peacefully protested Floyd’s murder drew attention to the systems of oppression that have persisted for so many years. Why is …

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Burning that Gasoline - Revolution and Cooperation

Burning that Gasoline

Are we getting ready for what’s to come? Revolution is such a radical word: It’s filled with images of upheaval and violence. Are revolutions just burned into our DNA, results of the “trousered ape” that seems to lurk within? Are revolutions even necessary, especially now with our advanced technologies and globalized economy? According to National …

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Trust Me, It’ll Get Better - Sustainability in Business

Trust Me, It’ll Get Better

Where does the responsibility for achieving sustainability lie? Some think the road to sustainability will be paved by large, publicly traded corporations. There’s a certain logic to this thinking: The combined total revenue of the 2021 Fortune 500 corporations “… generated $13.8 trillion in revenue, or some two-thirds of the U.S. economy.” If these corporations, …

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Framing Labor

Framing Labor

What do the Matrix and labor have in common? The corporate state. The Spanish philosopher George Santayana is credited with the statement, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” Santayana’s quote has been stated in various ways, but the meaning remains the same: Without knowing the past, or history, we run …

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Finding Work

Finding work starts with finding our gift. Brandon walked the halls of Ronald Reagan Senior High School on his way to the counselor’s office. It was the start of his junior year, which meant he had to start figuring-out what life after high school would look like. Brandon didn’t have a clue. But this is …

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What is a Business?

Machine or ecosystem? We say one thing, nature says another. I remember meeting Tom Brennan, one of the co-founders of the Green Garage, a number of years ago. Not long into our conversation, Tom gave me a foundational insight into sustainable business thinking: a business is a living thing, not an inanimate object, like a …

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