Government is Not the Problem

Government is Not the Problem

Government that fails to act is the problem. Does our government create more problems than it solves? Famously skeptical of a large federal government and in favor of privatization, President Reagan campaigned on this very message–that “government is the problem” –enacting countless deregulatory measures throughout his presidency to reduce the powers of the federal government. …

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A May Day "Mayday"

A May Day “Mayday”

This May we sound the alarm about what’s happening to labor. Last month, the labor movement faced another setback when an overwhelming majority of Amazon workers in a Bessemer, Alabama warehouse voted to oppose unionization efforts. The vote took place not long after troubling accounts of Amazon drivers being unable to take bathroom breaks during …

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Supporting SmallBusinesses

Locally owned, small businesses are essential for a resilient economy. Over the past 10 months, many small businesses have struggled to stay afloat amid levels of economic distress unseen in decades. While a majority of the nation’s most profitable corporations have increased their profits throughout the pandemic, small businesses have not seen similar results: at …

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