What is and What Could Be: The Entrepreneurial Spirit

To make for a better future, we need to think like entrepreneurs. SMSBF’s theme for this month is, “Entrepreneurial Spirit”, which is certainly a mouthful. Without going further, let’s take time to define what we mean by entrepreneurial spirit, and from there, how it could be lived-out. Type the term “entrepreneurial” into your Google search …

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Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement

Engagement is one of those words we often hear, but probably don’t share a common understanding of its meaning. Not long ago, I brought up engagement during a discussion about setting goals and metrics and was immediately challenged to describe how it could be accurately measured. In the virtual environment, terms such as “impressions”, “open …

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Democratizing the Workplace

Democratizing the Workplace

Essay by: Eileen Gao, Student Intern, Cornell University Democratizing education, democratizing data, democratizing work—all these phrases apply democracy to areas beyond government to mean increasing access in order to increase equality. The phrase “democratizing work” caught my eye in particular. The COVID-19 pandemic has had particularly devastating effects on work as millions of Americans lost …

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