Change is Natural

Change is Natural

Quite often, we’ll sense the need for change. This is natural. For more than twenty years, SMSBF has worked to bring sustainable business thought leadership to Detroit and SE Michigan. We’ve put-on events and produced thought-provoking content. And over the years, things have changed. At SMSBF, we’re sensing it’s time for change, too. Change, however, …

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Going Alone?

Going Alone?

In business, and no matter what we do, we need others. Entrepreneurs and small business leaders seem to be the epitome of American “rugged individualism”. They find opportunities, take risks and strike-out on their own. We tend to be enamored with the image of a person who goes his or her own way. These notions …

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Corporate Power and SB

Corporate Power and SB

It’s time to rethink advancing sustainable business. In the world of sustainable business, we talk about and attempt to enact practices that go beyond “maximizing shareholder value”, which is doublespeak for profit taking. Going beyond organizing business around just profit taking is an essential dimension of sustainable business. John Elkington, in his book, Cannibals with …

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Burning that Gasoline - Revolution and Cooperation

Burning that Gasoline

Are we getting ready for what’s to come? Revolution is such a radical word: It’s filled with images of upheaval and violence. Are revolutions just burned into our DNA, results of the “trousered ape” that seems to lurk within? Are revolutions even necessary, especially now with our advanced technologies and globalized economy? According to National …

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A May Day "Mayday"

A May Day “Mayday”

This May we sound the alarm about what’s happening to labor. Last month, the labor movement faced another setback when an overwhelming majority of Amazon workers in a Bessemer, Alabama warehouse voted to oppose unionization efforts. The vote took place not long after troubling accounts of Amazon drivers being unable to take bathroom breaks during …

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