“Sustainable Resolutions Celebration”

Hosted By:

Hopcat - Detroit


Thursday, January 31, 2019
5:30PM – 10:00PM


Hopcat – Detroit
4265 Woodward Avenue
Detroit, MI 48201

With the holidays just around the corner, January 31st probably feels a long ways away. By then, holiday decorations will be put away, work schedules will be back to normal, kids will be back to school and daily life will be back to normal. So, what could be a better time for another celebration?

Join SMSBF on Thursday, January 31, 2019, from 5:30 pm to 10:00 pm at Hop Cat, Midtown Detroit for our first ever, “Sustainable Resolutions Celebration”. There’ll be food, drinks and plenty of great networking. Our theme is all about resolving to make a difference with sustainable, triple bottom line business.

In keeping with our tradition of low, low prices, tickets are just $15. At this price, you’ll be blown-away by the value. With your admission, you’ll get plenty of food, one drink on the house, and some great insights to help with your sustainable resolutions.

Our Keynote Speaker will be Dr. Andy Hoffman, celebrated author, and professor of Sustainable Enterprise at the University of Michigan.

At our “Sustainable Resolutions Celebration” you’ll get to know what triple bottom line business looks like, and you’ll get to know more great people who are dedicated to advancing sustainable businesses. On top of our great programming, we’ll also be presenting our 2nd Annual Triple Bottom Line Business Leader Award. By the end of the evening, we hope you’ll leave pumped-up, reinvigorated and resolved to face the sustainable business challenges throughout 2019.

2018 Triple Bottom Line Leader Award Nominees

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Nelson Ayala @ Maid Green Cleaning

Nelson Ayala is the General Manager of Maid Green Cleaning, a residential and commercial cleaning business. Maid Green uses products that lower negative environmental impacts and minimize risk to human health. Nelson has been working with the company founder, Petter Nahed, since 2012. Nelson came to Southeast Michigan to head-up the business’s expansion. In addition to lowering negative human health and environmental impacts, the company focuses on employee development and engagement. Maid Green’s training programs build social capital within the organization, which leads to lower turnover rates and reduced labor costs.

Visit his website and Connect on LinkedIn

Ellen Lyle @ Pink Elephant and Events, L3C

Ellen’s work advances sustainable, triple bottom line business in a number of ways. The Pink Elephant line of home and personal care products lower risk to human health and lower negative environmental impacts. Pink Elephant products are “free of parabens, endocrine disruptors, synthetic fragrance, artificial colors, phthalates, formaldehyde, SLES, propylene glycol, DEA, and petroleum distillates”. In addition to products that are better for human health and the Earth system, Pink Elephant profits are used to support activities that lift up community and improve recycling practices.

Visit her website and Connect on LinkedIn

Kimle Nailer @ Nail Rite Construction

Kimle is the president of Nail Rite Construction, which specializes in home restorations and rehabs; it’s also committed to providing women opportunities to transform their lives. Kimle says, “When I am able to help a woman transform a house that looks like it should be demolished into a livable home, there’s nothing better than that”. The experience creates a vision of a life “restored”. Kimle leads women to recognize that “real beauty” lies within, which is truly restorative. Building social capital through “sisterhood” and committing to lowering negative environmental impact is how Kimle creates sustainable, triple bottom line value.

Visit her website and Connect on LinkedIn

Amy Peterson @ Rebel Nell

As co-founder of Rebel Nell, a social enterprise that produces jewelry made from pieces of graffiti, Amy Peterson is a leader in commerce for the common good. Rebel Nell’s business model centers on providing women “who face barriers to employment” an opportunity to transition into a “life of independence”. By focusing on those who live at the margins of a system steeped in “maximizing shareholder” value, Amy helped create a business that acts to include, rather than exclude. Rebel Nell lifts-up the community, lowers negative environmental impacts, and generates a just income for workers and owners alike.

Visit her website and Connect on LinkedIn

David Popp @ EcoGranite

EcoGranite, David Popp’s business, produces beautiful stone walkways and structures in an environmentally friendly way. Significant amounts of cut stone from construction projects may end-up in landfills. EcoGranite converts this material “into glamorous patios, driveways and many other products”. David’s artistry in cut stone adds beauty to the built environment, creating an intangible value that lifts the human spirit. EcoGranite also produces a unique permeable paver from stone scraps that improves water infiltration. EcoGranite creates sustainable, triple bottom line value through efficient use of material and David’s artistry, which lifts the human spirit.

Visit his website and Connect on LinkedIn

Jay Wilber @ Goodwill Green Works

Jay leads Goodwill Green Works, a 94,000 sq. ft. asset recovery operation that deconstructs products at end-of-life. Recovered materials are either reused, or further processed and recycled. Green Works “offers both transitional work experience and independent employment opportunities”. Jobs at Green Works provide second chances “for employees and trainees to redirect their own lives in a more productive and meaningful way”. Under Jay’s leadership, Green Works is lowering negative environmental impacts and lifting up the community by providing meaningful work for those who may not otherwise have an opportunity to contribute.

Visit his website and Connect on LinkedIn

Kelly Wilson @ Taste the Local Difference

Kelly is currently the Director of Community Partners for Taste the Local Difference, an on-line and print marketing agency promoting locally sourced food. Kelly is also a farmer, the Owner/Production Manager of Simple Gifts Farms and the Owner of Taste of Health Nutrition. Developing sustainable food sources is critical to our future, and localism – the principle that localized diversity leads to economic resilience – is integral to this work. Kelly’s work advances sustainable, triple bottom line principles, because it leads to meaningful work within a local economy and lowers the impacts associated with large scale, highly transportation system dependent food sources.

Visit her website and Connect on LinkedIn

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